Honorable Mention: Innovative Minds 2013 – Virtual Context

Balloon City


Do Gwanghun and Jung Hyojung
Collage of Architecture Myungji University
South Korea

When I want to enjoy the city, What I most want to know is ‘at this moment, where is the space of ambiance that I want?’
Externals of architecture is more brilliant than ever, but still concealing many things, splendor is just exaggerated.
This project is structure that makes the city from the real image of people hidden under the facade.
If hearts of people excited in the building beated quickly, balloon of rooftop would be inflated.
But if the building’s ambiance is relatively calm, balloon would go smaller.
Through the advanced technology, the most honest signal can be read all around the city.
when people’s heartbeats make the city, the city can show more effective reflection than anything else.



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