Honorable Mention: Innovative Minds 2014 – Dimensional Evolutions

Cancer Care Center


Ertunç Hünkar
Izmir University of Economics
Izmir, Turkey

Day by day the connection between physical architecture and virtual architecture, is getting stronger. Architects are facing so many problems such as environmental conditions, structure, spacial organization. All these problems are real and psychical. But architects should deal these issues before they design any proposal. At this point, all these problems can be simulated and be solved in the virtual world. In this project using methodology is producing solutions from a computer screen to the real, psychical architectural problems. In terms of responding environmental conditions such as solar radiation, daylight, wind… Cancer Care Center responds all those issues from a virtual point of perspective.

Cancer Care Center, besides clinics, consists of spaces such as research laboratory, accommodation for inpatients and treatment center which includes advanced and integral oncology services. Location of the project was determined according to solar optimizations and visibility analysis on the old Quarantine Island in Urla. Project started with design of structure at the first place in order to design and deal with each space regarding the design proposal. Position of structural elements and geometry of each space were shaped by sun, wind and daylight analysis and according to their spatial needs. Enclosure system was designed to benefit all the environmental conditions.


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