Honorable Mention: Innovative Minds 2014 – Dimensional Evolutions

Laziness Index


Kovaleva Anastasia, Dymbrylova Darima, Krivitskaia Dariia, Andreeva Lina
Tomsk State University of Architecture and Building
Tomsk, Russia

The project raises a very important problem of “laziness”. All people are to some extent lazy, some people more, some of them less. To open people’s eyes on the current situation we decided to show that problem through architecture.

The building reflects the people living in it: hardworking people would go to town-houses, extremely comfortable and nice, when approaching the zero level of laziness people could live in a separate area in a private house; the laziest ones in their turn would move closer to the top of the building and then either collapse or move to the slums. The whole skyscraper is a building of moving cells – dwellings, changing their location depending on people’s physical and psychological state and therefore differing in the level of accommodation comfort.

Moving of cells occurs due to the data given from personal gadgets on every person’s hand to the main processor of the building. This is a kind of bracelet that shows vital indexes at a present moment. It also contains the information of person’s status and the location of his/her dwelling cell. Thus, everyone knows the necessary information any time and can do something to improve the situation.

The whole concept is based on principles of architectural bionics and metabolism, namely the principle of individual development of a living organism, when building structure is not constant but varies in time and space. The building is like a plant that has a strong rootstock (sector of hardworking people) and it weakens to the top (sector of lazy-bones).

As a result, most of people will realize that they need to change something in their lives and will start to struggle with laziness. People’s activity will be turned into energy to provide comfortable living conditions in the dwelling cells and that’s what our idea is.


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