Honorable Mention: Innovative Minds 2014 – Dimensional Evolutions



Bryant Lau Liang Cheng & Jason Khoo Soon Chang

The design questions the virtual dimensions as ways to improve human connection. Are we progressing forward or are we digressing instead? The Internet was conceived to bring people together and make the world smaller. Social Platforms such as Facebook created a virtual dimension where human interaction becomes easier. Unfortunately, this technology consumes the lives of mankind – too much time is spent in this virtual world and actual human interaction in the physical world diminishes as a result.

Like the crater on the Moon that is distanced away from Earth – the design concept is to exist like the Mercurius. One is disconnected from virtual dimensions and separated from the rest of the world. This isolation serves to remind us the importance of the bond between men.

Cantilevered over a cliff, the design takes advantage of the site to express the notion of reaching the edge and the next step – Dimensional evolution; where we disconnect in order to truly connect with one another.

The façade takes on a pixilated form like the digitalized world. Instigated as a maze, the design offers multiple pathways – reflecting the chaos that can result from social platforms. The maze itself is a dead zone – all virtual connection will cease to function. To weave through the maze and reach the end, men is encouraged to work together by communicating with one another.

With floors 2m high, pathways a narrow 1m apart and the treads of stairs 250mm thick; discomfort is ensured to create a tedious and challenging journey throughout. This physical exhaustion enhances the human interaction throughout the journey to pave the way for dimensional evolution to take place: where virtual dimensions serves only as reminder to how physical dimension can never be replaced – accentuating on the importance of human interaction in the physical world.



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