Honorable Mention Project – Innovative Minds 2017: Cybernetic Framework

Tendrone – Can I take my roof anywhere with me?


Mehrbod Pakbaz, Niloofar Shabani Ravari, Negar Shaghaei Fallah, Marjan Mohammadi

Pars University of Art & Architecture

Tehran, Iran


Tendrone has a solution. We seek for a shelter, whenever we need, what if that shelter comes to us? Tendrone is a kind of tensile structure but instead of cables and pylons it is suspended from four drones at the corners which can provide the inner tensions to stabilize the whole structure. That feature makes this shelter portable. Tendrone can be used at public places like concerts, coffee shops, religious gatherings, bazaars and any other outdoor activities which can be affected by the weather conditions.
Cybernetics systems involve a process of observing a situation with its limitations, reflecting on how to improve that situation and acting to improve it. This means acting, sensing and changing. So, how does this idea can interconnect cybernetics system and an architectural element? Tendrone comes to protect us by using suitable numbers of modules which bind together by a built-in magnetic mechanism. With sensing the surrounding conditions such as wind blowing, snow, rain, thunder and etc., it adapts itself to those conditions. For example in case of heavy wind loads, drones are able to anchor themselves to the adjacent buildings or the ground. This feature is provided by a cable which encircles around the drones. Also the shelter surface provides energy through its thin and flexible cellular photovoltaic panels. Drones are highly maneuverable and steady in the air.
Tendrone is only occupying 2m*2m area and can easily land above each other on the base. It can be a rental public service like UBER or purchasable by individuals. In both ways users take a photo from the location through an application on their smartphones, then specify the size and formation of the needed shelter, rest of the operation will be automatically performed by Tendrone.

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