Innovative Minds 2018: Regenesis

Noah’s Ark – Third Place

Danielle Fuchs, Danielle Keinan, Lior Edri, Baraa Darawshe, Braa Drawshy

School of Architecture, Tel Aviv University

Tel Aviv, Israel
Natural catastrophes are inevitable and out of our control. the damage that they cause is tremendous: people are evacuated from their homes and lose their possessions. Moreover, many lives are lost. Just last year (2017), hurricane Harvey struck Texas, with 107 confirmed casualties. alongside damage costs reaching about $125 billion, thousands of homes fell into ruins, 30,000 people were displaced and more than 17,000 rescues we carried out. What if we can save these lives and reduce much of these damage costs? With our mobile flying unit, or as we call it, the “super unit”, we will achieve these goals.

The SUPER UNIT is a modular addition to an existing residence. Its unique design allows it to fold into itself and be attached to any residential structure, with a minimal effect on the urban environment. The SUPER UNIT is fully equipped and furnished with a bedroom, a study, a bathroom, toilets and, most importantly, a storage room with food and water supplies that can last for months. At a time of a hurricane alert, the unit is equipped with the technology that enables it to fly away from the hazard zone into a safe zone, NOAH’S ARK.

“Noah’s Ark” is a glass sphere that is constructed specifically to obtain these “super units”. It will be a paradise for refugees. It will include urban facilities such as offices, restaurants, shops, etc. It will also be surrounded by a natural Forest. This building will serve as a habitat for both humans and animals. that is until it is safe for them to return to their homes.

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