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gURROO hosts an annual international design competition (Innovative Minds Design Competition) in an effort to become a catalyst for creative thinking while rewarding designers for their ideas.  The competition focuses on the blending of physical and virtual architecture and how innovative minds can address societal issues.  A portion of the proceeds go to support organizations that influence technological strides in the design community.


gURROO was founded in 2011 and has hosted 5 international design competitions.  Open source design tools are used whenever possible to develop this website, Inkscape, WordPress and GIMP are used routinely.

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The Innovative Minds design competition has been fortunate to have high quality judges participate every year.  The judges are highly active in the architecture community, academics and practicing professionals.


Participants in the Innovative Minds Competition have submitted projects from all over the world.  Participants have submitted projects from, Czech Republic, Shanghai, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, UK, Crete, Jordan, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Portugal, Spain, Australia, Mexico, USA, France, Brazil, Italy, Turkey, Malaysia, Russia, Greece and others.

Academic Institution Participants


FutureThe Future

gURROO will continue to host annual design competitions seeking solutions to critical  problems facing society’s future.

icons credit: the Noun Project – Chameleon Design, Icon Fair, artworkbean, Michal Beno, Alex Podolsky, Iconsphere, Creative Stall




gURROO – A new generation of innovative minds.